Ways To Prevent Prickly Heat

Who gets Sweat Rash / Prickly Heat??

How do we prevent it?

Prickly Heat / Sweat Rash is a major complaint for people living in the regions where heat and humidity are high.

Though prickly heat can affect anybody, those people who sweat more are increasingly prone to it.

People, who are obese, get more prickly heat too.

In some families, it affects all members severely.

Those who wear nylon clothes during summer season, instead of cotton clothes, may also get affected.

The chances of prickly heat are high for people who work in hot and less ventilated environment.

Where does it appear?

It appears anywhere in the body, except palms and feet, without any constraints.

Sweat rashes may be present on the skin for a period ranging anywhere between 1 week to a month.

These rashes start troubling the affected people and continue to do so till they are cured, the first trouble being itching. Then succeeds, burning sensation and irritation. As a continual effect, it causes skin infection, thereby leading to wounding and allergy. To restrict these effects, we need to prevent prickly heat.

How can prickly heat be prevented?

To prevent prickly heat, we have to first control sweat, thereby restraining prickly heat.

To attain this, we:

Should avoid going out in the sun.

We may work in air-conditioned rooms or well ventilated environment.

Select and eat easily digestible food.

Avoid intake of alcohol / coffee and tea in large quantities.

Further, high-fat food items like meat, egg etc. should be avoided. Similarly, spicy food items prepared with food with strong masala should also be avoided.

The affected people should also shift to light, cotton clothes instead of wearing artificial clothes like nylon, terlin, polyester etc. Also, the clothes worn should not be holding the body very tight, but must be loose-fitting. Coconut oil should be applied less on the skin. It is said that these practices prevent occurrence of prickly heat.

It is also advised that supplementing such people with a 50,000 IU of Vitamin A, twice a day yields good results.


The medicine prepared by mixing the ingredients including Salicylic acid, camphor, menthol, glycerin and spirit helps to cure prickly heat. This formula has to be applied on the affected area twice a day for a week for aid. Bathing twice a day in pure water also gives relief in 7 days.

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