Using Gloves when Dishwashing is Good – a Guide to Safeguard Hands

After the face, hands are what people look the most at. However, awareness among women to keep their hands beautiful is wanting because it can be affected when doing household chores such as dish washing  laundry and mopping. But homemakers can hardly avoid such things.

Self-suggestions like, ‘what time do I have for such things?’ should be avoided and caring for one or two things is often enough to secure the hands.

using gloves for dish washing

A set of gloves should be allocated in the area where the dishes are washed. It is essential that the size is so that it will just fit without difficulty. Even if it is not used when washing a few dishes, when washing a substantial amount, using them will help to safeguard the hands.

It is good to have a small hand lotion in the kitchen and use it after dish washing, wiping after spraying, cleaning the bathroom, or mopping the house.

Every night, before going to bed, it is good to scrape and wash both hands with a couple of teaspoons of salt followed by the lotion. It should remain soft and beautiful.

For those who have the habit of applying oil to the face before bath, doing the same to the hands is suggested. For those who grow their nails, a hand and nail lotion should be used instead of just hand lotion. If nails break often, a ‘nail strengthening polish’ is recommended.

If a finger ring is worn, it should be removed before going to bed. If not, the colour of the skin on that area may change and the skin may become taut and hard. It is possible to remove hairs on the hand using either the waxing technique or an epilator which can either be done at a beautician’s clinic or at home.

When waxing, it is good to use disposable strips which can prevent infections. When removing hair on the hands, it is important to remember to remove the hairs in the areas of the fingers where a finger ring may be worn.

If you fear that colour comes off easily when applying mehendi, oil may be used to remove instead of water. A mixture of sugar and lemon juice may also be applied when it is drying off.

It is good to investigate if the bangles bought as ‘covering’ gold or from ‘fancy’ stores cause skin allergy before using them, because there is a chance of permanent skin damage otherwise.

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One Response to "Using Gloves when Dishwashing is Good – a Guide to Safeguard Hands"

  1. Not only females, but everyone who have to deal with water and detergent on a regular basis is supposed to be wearing gloves. I’m a good example and speaking of which I posted this picture on the web once and it apparently went viral. Anything can become popular these days lol

    Seriously, the constant exposure to chemicals can do a number on your skin, and may lead to further troubles. It’s not just a matter of vanity, but safety and personal hygiene as well. It’s not very different from protecting your skin wearing sunscreen before exposing yourself to the sun. Sadly most people don’t realize that.


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