Turkey Berry Health Benefits

Not many people like the lonely turkey berry plant (known as Solanum torvuml and in Tamil Sundakkai). Which is grown in our garden because we are not aware of its medicinal value which cures many diseases. You all will be amazed to know the uses of this small plant that we commonly find in our house garden if you come to know about its characteristics.

Turkey Berry belongs to the plant species and its flowers are white in color and are found in clusters. The Turkey Berry fruit is green in color and it appears like a very small brinjal. Turkey Berry plant grows in our house garden and also in hilly areas. The Turkey Berry that grows in hilly areas has a more bitter taste than that of the berries that are grown in our house garden.

Turkey Berry benefits
Turkey Berry


Turkey berry is composed of the following essential nutrients and minerals which are very helpful in preventing and curing the diseases.

  • Vitamin A
  • Iron (24.5 mg)
  • Calcium (0.28 mg)
  • Fat (1.7 mg)
  • Fiber (56.9 mg)

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We can use consume the fresh Turkey Berries plucked from the plant and also we can consume it in the dried form. It is better to have the fresh Turkey Berry than the dried one. It has the potential to kill the germs and also acts as a medicine for cold, and also helps in problems related to the chest and stomach. And people who have diarrhea, stomach ache, piles, tuberculosis should use Turkey berry as a part of their food. And taking Turkey Berry regularly will help in strengthening the nerves.

Fried Turkey Berry
Fried Turkey Berry



We used to eat lot of sweets because they taste good and as a result they produce a lot of germs in our body. Once the bacteria and other germs formed in our body, it creates a lot of problems to us. These problems are prevented by eating Turkey Berry in the form of gravy. (In Tamil it is called as Sundakkai Vathal Kuzhambu).


If we eat the Turkey Berries for 4 days in a week in any form (dried or gravy), diabetes will come in to control.Frying the dried fruit using oil and then adding them to kuzhambu and eating them will help us avoid digestion problems


Consuming the Turkey Berries on the daily basis will strengthen the bones and nerves and also helps in the physical development of our body.


Gas problems are totally controlled if we take the Turkey Berries which is deep fried in the oil.


If the people who are affected with paralysis problem consume Turkey Berries, the disease will be cured.


All the teeth related problems are cured if we take the powdered Turkey Berry added with salt.

Because of all these medicinal values we should not neglect this plant. We should start growing them in our garden and eat them regularly to stay healthy in our life.

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23 Responses to "Turkey Berry Health Benefits"

    1. you can do sambar. Just boil tuvar dal separately. Just add 1 spoon of oil add red chilli, mustard seeds, fenugreek seeds after spluttered, add tomato add turkey berry and saute it and add turmeric powder add little tamarind juice, sambar power, grated coconut and keep it in cooker for 1 whistle. Then finally mix all the things. Add a little bit of jaggery. Tasty Sambar is ready.

    2. Turkey Berry, freshly picked can be used with salted cod fish. Please see the following Jamaican recipe to make Turkey Berry aka Susumba and Salt fish with boiled green bananas or fried dumplings:


      •1/2 lb. Saltfish (codfish)
      •2 Cups Susumba (Gully bean)
      •1 small onion
      •1 teaspoon black pepper
      •1 sprig tyme
      •1 crushed garlic or 2 teaspoons garlic powder
      •3 slices hot scotch bonnet pepper
      •1 small red sweet pepper(for color)
      •cooking oil
      Shop Now for Jamaican recipe ingredients & seasoning in our online store.


      1.Soak saltfish in water to remove some of the salt or boil in water for 5-7 minutes.
      2.Wash the Susumba (Gully bean)
      3.Cover and boil until moderately soft.
      4.Drain, cover, and put aside.
      5.Pick up (flake) the saltfish and remove all bones.
      6.Sauté thinly sliced onions and sweet pepper rings.
      7.Remove half of the fried onions and peppers
      8.Add saltfish and the Susumba (Gully bean), and turn the fire/stove up slightly.
      9.Add black pepper
      10.Pour in to serving plate and garnish with remaining onions and pepper slices
      11.Serve with boil banana and/or fried dumplings

      Read more: http://www.jamaicans.com/cooking/fish/SusumbaGullybean.shtml#ixzz2FhQjUjaa

    3. Busaba_Thailand · Edit

      In Thailand we have a great recipe named Green curry which the Turkey Berry is used as a vegetable. To cook it easy, just a green curry paste, coconut milk, pork or chicken and the Turkey Berry ( we call ” Ma-keur Pourng” )

      I love it, it’s very yummy.

  1. R.H.Afzal khan · Edit

    Really amazing benefits of turkey berries. Aged persons will benefits more if they consume this berries on daily basis. Thank you very much for the valuable infos. More infos are needed please.

  2. Ashok Vasudevan · Edit

    I am a big fan of Turkey Berry. Would you please clarify serving size for the nutri info you have provided? For instance, are the computations based on 100 grams. Are the nutri numbers for green or dry berries? Also would you please give me the source of that information.

    Many thanks


  3. Emelia Yankson · Edit

    I am an ambassador of Turkey berries. I had irregular menses and by drinking it regularly, the problem is solved. I am a Ghanaian and almost every household have the plant around / are sold in the market but don’t know it’s health benefits. I wash the frsh berries, blend them, strain and drink. It is waow. I try to educate people on its health benefits especially for the treatment of anemia .

  4. I bought a packet of dried chundakkai , but because of too much salt, I could,t eat those.
    How can people eat too much salt ? It’s dangerous for health .


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