Sri Rangapatna Temple and Mallur Aprameya swamy Temple

Srirangapatna Temple

Srirangapatna town is located 19 kms from Mysore on the bank of river Kaveri. Sriranganatha swamy temple is one of the temples with more than 1000 years of age. On the way to the temple , destructed Tipu Sultan fort can be seen. During Tipu Sultan’s rule ,Srirangapatna was the head quarters. Tipu Sultan was also one of the devotees of Ranganatha Swamy.

Here we can see Ranganatha swamy in reclining posture on Adhiseshan. This temple has many similarities as of Srirangam temple near Trichy in Tamilnadu.

This temple should not be missed while touring Mysore.

Aprameya swamy Temple, Mallur.

Mallur is located between Bangalore-Mysore highway. There located a famous temple, Aprameya swamy temple. This  temple was constructed before 3000 years. We are very fortunate to visit such an ancient temple. It was quite surprising to see the stone carvings which was engraved before 3000 years.

By entering the temple we can see the main gopuram. The idol of main deity is made of saligram stone.  The main feature of this idol is that it is standing on sand but not on solid foundation. Here Aravindavalli Thayar is the consort for the swamy. 

Crawling Krishna

In the north western side of the temple we can see the renowned Naveenatha Krishnan sannidhi. It is the crawling Krishna posture. The Krishna is having his favourite butter in his right hand with curling hair and lot of ornaments all over the body. Once you have look at that Krishna,you cannot afford to change your sight. This Krishna is granting child for childless couples. There are also real experiences for this boon. There is no special pooja for this. Only thing they need to do is praying the god with belief. After they are blessed they tie small cradle and  doing abhishekam as a thanks to god for giving a offspring.

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