Sivanmalai Murugan Temple

Sivanmalai is located in the Tiruppur District, Tamilnadu. It is 5 kms away from Kangeyam town towards Tiruppur. This Sivanmalai is located in 25 Kms away from Tiruppur and 76 Kms away from Coimbatore. The other names of Sivanmalai are Sivachalam, Sivathri, Shakthi Sivamalai. This town Kangeyam is famous for business coconut products like oil, nutshell charcoal products etc. The main deity of the Sivanmalai is Lord Subramanya Swamy it is the another name of Lord Murugan. The favorite deity of the Tamil people is undoubtedly Murugan, the son of Siva and Parvathi. This temple was build by Sivavakkiyar a famous Sidhhar. It is believed that this temple may be constructed in 12th century.

Sivanmalai Temple
Sivanmalai Temple

Arulmigu Subramanyaswamy Temple

The presiding deity in the sivanmalai is Lord Murugan,Valli and Deivayanai. This murugan temple located in a hill top which can be reached by 450 footsteps or by 2 Kms hill road. This temple premises is calm and clean, which provides soothing serenity to the mind and body. Sri Arunagirinathar a famous Tamil poet has sung the song about this Sivanmalai in his Tiruppugazh.

God’s order box is placed before entering mulavar sanctum. Devotees coming to the temple needs to check what object is placed in the order box. After checking this devotees needs to enter the main sanctum. Lord Muruga is appearing to the devotees dream and ask them to place one object in the order box. (Those objects may be Water, Cloth, Sand, Soil and Gold) That person will bring that object to the temple. To find out that information true or false, they will place the flower in Mulavar sannadhi. Once it is confirmed, that object will be placed inside the God’s order box until the arrival of next object. Pooja’s will be performed to that object on daily basis. This procedure is followed for several hundred years.

Sivanmalai Temple Prakaram
Sivanmalai Temple Prakaram

Sivanmalai Temple Timings

This temple is opened for dharshan from morning 6am to 11am and in evening 4pm to 8pm. Kartikai asterism and new moon days in each month are considered to be of significance at Sivanmalai. Skandasashti is celebrated in great splendour as in other Murugan temples. Other festivals here include Thai Poosam, Aadi Kritikai and Pankuni Uthiram.

How to Reach Sivanmalai Murugan Temple

Sivanmalai is the easily reachable from Tiruppur, Erode and Coimbatore. Frequent bus service are available from Tiruppur, Trichy, Erode and Coimbatore. Nearest Railway station is Tiruppur which is 25 Kms away. Nearest Airport is Coimbatore, which is 79 kms away from Sivanmalai. To get the best accommodation Tiruppur is preferable. Chennimalai Murugan temple and Kathitha Malai Murugan temple are nearest temple from this Sivanmalai.

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  1. sivanmalai Ramkumar · Edit

    sivanmalai is a greatest one sivanmalai murugan is my favourite god…any problem.. and any happiest the time alaways remember in my mind , soul, and heart..sivanmalai murugan….iam wating verdict…to sivanmalai hills……muruga……

  2. Hi I am Pappu Kumar from Desari Vaishali Bihar ,In 2007 i have visited there and i remember the 450 stairs , i was a employee in garment factory in Trippur till 2009, i left Tamilnadu since than ,but i admire tradition food language and many many things are from there, i watch tamil channels daily but i hardly understand 5% of it but from my villege more than 2000 people can fluently talk tamil 9576155255 .i must visit the shivanmalai temple again


    I believe you but u r avoiding me,,, any way up to my end I will pray u,,, plz help my dreams come true god


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