Preventive Measures For Diabetes

Today diabetic is a common disease for people those who crossed 40 years of age. This is because of our food habits and sedentary life style. Type 2 diabetic is considered as one of the costliest diseases in the world. As per recent researches,diabetic patients are facing high risk of cardiac failure when compared to non diabetic. Also there is increase in  pre diabetic condition for people below the age of 30. If  they fail to take preventive measures,they will be type 2 diabetic in next 10 years. It is not possible to cure diabetes . So it is better to take preventive measures for our healthy life.

There are few reasons which make a person to fall in diabetes.

1. Obesity and  Sedentary life style .

2. Parents and sibling having diabetes.

3. Gestation period diabetes for female.

4. Having blood pressure and cholesterol.

5. Having Poly cystic ovarian disease.

So if your current blood test shows that you are non-diabetic, it is advisable to check your health condition once in a year. Not only by medicine but also you can prevent yourself  from the disease by maintaining healthy diet and regular exercises.

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5 Responses to "Preventive Measures For Diabetes"

  1. To prevent diabetes good diet and exercise. Diet is preferably low and medium glycemic foods. Eliminate as much as possible salt, sugar and fat ( the three whites) . Eat more vegetables and fruits. Do not over eat. Food timings are very important. Exercise one hour every day with out fail. Remember whatever you consume in terms of food should be digested.always take light food in dinner. To prevent diabetes exercise is as impartent as food every day. Remember health is wealth.

  2. Salt is dehydrating and oils are fat. Some salt is good, and there are plntey of foods that naturally contain sodium like celery. Most people are severely dehydrated and could benefit from eliminating added salt to their food. Excess Salt means a body retains excess water, giving a person the appearance of excess weight (fat). If you want to lose weight and detox from a raw food diet, drink lots of water and don’t add the salt. Also read 80/10/10 by Dr. Douglas Graham


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