Organic Food-Live and Let Live

Mother Nature has given all necessities required for a man to live in peaceful harmony. It is due to the exploitation of its resources, unmindful of the consequences by unscrupulous elements of the society that cause depletion of its fertility. Due to population explosion, usage of synthetic pesticides, bioengineered genes, petroleum based fertilizers, sewage sludge-based fertilizers. etc. has been encouraged in order to increase growth and production of food grains. This has resulted in malnutrition amongst all, because such non-organic food does not provide energy or nourishment. The day has come when people have realized the bogey of non-organic food, which is manufactured in large quantities, with huge factories and large numbers of employees. Organic food has become highly popular now, although the earliest food and crops were only organic. It is only later that chemicals and fertilizers entered the field and brought about carcinogens in food material.


Organic crops must be grown in safe soil, without the usage of chemical input. Food implies grains, vegetables and fruits and food products made from them. According to a study, organically grown fruits and vegetables contain more Vitamin C, antioxidants and minerals. It also serves as anti-allergic to some people, since no preservatives are added to improve its life. Due to continuous consumption of non-organic food, our body is exposed to accumulated pesticides. This leads to weakening of our immune systems. Antibiotic treatment gets supplemented by usage of organic food. By cultivating products in the organic way, we are assisting Nature to regain its lost strength. It reduces air, water and soil pollution, conserves water to an extent, lessens soil erosion and improves its fertility. Birds and animals too are benefited by organic farming. Organic farming relies on biological diversity and natural fertilizers like manure and compost. The weeds are removed by hand, there is crop rotation, tilling etc. Insects are eliminated by natural methods such us preying insects, traps, birds etc.

Because of the large scale manufacturing and network, non-organic foods are able to sustain the tempo of their consumption. We must encourage organic farming everywhere. This will pave the way for farmers to get their due benefit; employment is generated in their own area; they do not move to urban areas, leading to congestion; they need not transport products to urban area which again causes considerable use of fossil fuels. The local economy is strengthened leading to establishment of many infrastructural facilities. Organic meat and dairy products are made from livestock which are given organic food. No antibiotics, hormones or pesticides are used on the animals. Such animals are protected from disease with healthy diet, normal grazing and clean surroundings. But due to lesser production and lack of network facilities, organic foods are costlier. But it is up to us to choose foods which we eat most and buy these foods alone in the organic version. Instead of high-end stores, we can get organic products from local farmers in the weekly market, or the street vendor. Still you can enlarge your buying by organizing a consumer club or society and through them buy organic products at a lesser rate. By eating organic food, our generation and future generations will live longer, healthier and ultimately Mother Nature will bless us with her bounty forever.

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  1. Even this issue was raised by Mr. Aamir Khan in his social serial Satyamev Jayete.Non organic foods not only creates human diseases but also has proven to increase air,water pollution etc.Now a days Organic foods are much costlier in comparison to Non Organic foods because of lesser production.But this is up to us,when we will increase consumption of organic foods,farmers will be encouraged to produce organic foods.So look to buy organic foods only for better health.


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