Nagamangala Temple, Near Mysore

Nagamangala is a small agricultural town located in Mandya district which is 70 kms from Mysore. We reached that temple by car from Mysore.It took around one and half hours to reach the Nagamangala town. As we reached there too early,we had to wait for two hours for the temple to be opened. So it is advisable to reach the temple around 9am if anybody is interested to visit there. But it was heard that temple will be opened in the early morning during festival days.

Nagamangala Temple
Nagamangala Temple Gopuram

Sri soumiya keshava swamy (vishnu) is the main deity of the temple. The temple is well known for Raghu-Kethu parigara pooja. It is one of the ancient temples with attractive architectural stone works. The central mandapam in front of the main deity sannidhi has an intricately carved stone structure. In that we can see Adhiseshan engraved in the middle of the structure. Around that Adhiseshan 108 conches (shanku) are engraved.

nagamangala Adiseshan

Head of the Adhiseshan is believed as Raghu and tail is believed as Kethu. Those who wants to do Raghu-Kethu parigara pooja are asked to stand beneath the Adhiseshan. There some parigara poojas are performed by the priest. This parigara pooja is believed to overcome problems like Santana Bhagya, mental illness, delay in marriage and overall well being of a person.

108 Shankus Around Adhiseshan
108 Shankus Around Adhiseshan

Nagamangala Temple Timings

Morning – 9 am to 12 noon
Evening  –  5.30 pm to 8 pm

Festival days and special occasion days this temple will opened in early morning itself.

How to Reach Nagamangala Temple

We can reach nagamangala temple by either Mysore or Bangalore. It is located 75Kms from Mysore and 110 Kms from Bangalore.

So don’t miss to visit the temple when you are on a trip to Mysore or Bangalore and get the blessings of Soumiya keshava Perumal.

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12 Responses to "Nagamangala Temple, Near Mysore"

  1. Hello,

    I want to visit this temple. Can you please provide me details how to reach over there.

    I am looking for both bus and cab.

    It will be really helpful if I can get both the details.

    Thank you

    Rish Deb

    1. Mysore is the nearest city for Nagamangala. Book a cab from Mysore. Many other temples and sight seeing are available in and around Mysore.

      1. From majestic you can find many KSRTC bus to Mandya and ask the conductor or bus driver to bellur cross from there you will have to take another bus for nagamangala from stop itself you can find the temple

    2. Route:
      1. Bangalore to Belur Cross [Take ‘Bangalore to Hassan Bus’ and get down at Belure Cross] [It takes around 2 hrs]
      2. From Belur Cross, many share autos, Government and Private buses available to reach Nagamangala [It is just 15mts to reach Nagamangala from Belur Cross)

  2. it is just 3 hours bus journey from Bangalore ,u have to get down belur coss and can bus to nagamanla lot of bus u will get

  3. Last Friday i was in Nagamangala Temple and had a divya dharshan. the priest and temple staff explained temple history very nicely. i had very nice time there in the temple

  4. Last Sunday with our family we were in Nagamangala Temple and had a divya dharshan. the priest and temple staff explained temple history very nicely. i had very nice time there in the temple and got blessed by Sri soumiya keshava swamy

  5. The temple is vast & beautiful,i was traveling to mysore & i didn’t know this marvelous temple ,annadaana also provided for devotees


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