Method Of Eating Food And Tastes

The word taste strikes the mind if one speaks about food. Tasteless food is not considered as food. The food item is considered as  complete food only if it has all six tastes of food and even though it has two food tastes it is not considered a complete food.

The Tamil medicine namely Sidha medicine says that the human tongue can identify six types of tastes. Body minerals combine with these six tastes to build the body. The human body consists of blood, muscles, fat, bones, nerves, saliva and organs like brain,heart etc. Out of these the brain can function normally only if other systems and organs in the body work properly. The six tastes helps the proper functioning of the entire system.

Properties of Taste

Astringent – Increases the blood production

Sweet – builds muscles

Sour – Produces fat

Pungent – Bones growth and strengthening

Bitter – Strengthens nerve

Salty – Secretes saliva

Food with these above six tastes is considered as delicious food

Benefits of Tastes 


 It is important for all human health. Excessive sweating, heavy blood loss and diarrhea are cured by this taste.

Raw banana, pomegranate, tender mango, turmeric, lab lab and raw fig have astringent taste.


This taste gives enthusiasm to both body and mind. However, it increases body weight, fatigue and sleepiness if consumed heavily .

Fruits, potato, carrot, rice, wheat and sugarcane have the sweet taste.


This increases appetite. It would affect the teeth if taken heavily. Irritation, heartburn, blood pressure and itching effects are also seen.  Body tiredness is also a common issue.

Lemon, citron, tamarind, sorrel leaves, tomato, curd, buttermilk and mango have the sour taste.


Improves digestion. The body becomes slim. It makes the water bodies come out of the body. Purifies the blood.

Onion,chilly,ginger, garlic, pepper and  mustard have this taste.


This taste is vital for the health of the person. It increases the immunity power of the person. It reduces thirst, burning sensation, itching and fever. It also purifies the blood.

Bittergourd, solanum berry, brinjal, fenugreek, gingelly, neem and omam have the bitter taste.


Helps secreting saliva. Helps in the digestion process after eating. Vegetables like Ridge gourd, bottle gourd, radish, pumpkin have  the salty taste in abundance.

 Method of Eating Food

It is important to know the food taste to be consumed at first and which one at the end while consuming food.

After the food is served, sweet taste food is taken first and it is followed by  sour, salty, pungent, bitter food items. At the end astringent taste food is consumed. Digestion is excellent if curd is added after this process of the above said procedure. Thus our body would consume the whole energy from the food consumed.

The food with six tastes has to be consumed at the correct time and if not chances of stomach diseases may occur. Eating food is avoided when a person feels angry, sleepy and sad. Also, eating food is not good while standing or resting hands on something. After eating food, it is important to walk at least 100 feet distance.

Nowadays,food eating culture is depending on tongue’s taste and hence many people eat food whenever they like thereby inviting many diseases. So, it is important to know the food eating method with these delicious taste to lead a healthy life forever.

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