Medicinal And Health Benefits Of Ash Gourd

Ash gourd consists of many medicinal and nutritional properties thus having lots of health benefits. Biological name of ash gourd is Benincasa hispida. It has long been used in Ayurvedic treatments. Ash gourd is also called as winter melon,white gourd, white pumpkin,wax gourd.

ash guard benefits

Health Benefits of Ash Gourd

  • Ash Gourd is one among the best foods for diabetic patients.
  • It has low calorific value.
  • Intake of ash gourd regularly will helps to reduce excess weight.
  • Ash gourd helps to stay the body cool.
  • It is good to have ash gourd juice for constipation problem.
  • It is a good detoxifying agent.
  • Intake of ash gourd juice in empty stomach is good for ulcer.


The best feature of ash gourd is its fiber and water nutrients. So it helps for digestion. Regular consumption of ash gourd in our morning food helps to get cure from constipation problem.

Stomach related disorders

Winter melon has the property of strengthening the intestines. The anabolic activity of ash gourd seeds helps to grow new tissues. Water and fiber nutrients in it has the property of balancing the acidity. So when there is indigestion or during hyper acidity it is best to have ash gourd juice. It also has the property of balancing the alkaline in body and intestines. Ash gourd also acts as a blood coagulant.

Ash Gourd for Cold Relief

Generally we avoid winter melon due to its cooling effect and thought it will cause cold and cough. But it is not so. It has the nature of balancing vata, pitta and kapha (tridosha balance). Because of this nature it helps to get cure from cold affecting continuously. It is also useful for treating asthma.


Consuming ash gourd is good for insomnia problem. People affected by insomnia due to various reasons like stress,work load,tension will get eradicated from this problem by intake of ash gourd regularly.

Urinary problem

In summer due to excess sweat our body will get dehydrated. This will cause urinary problem. Intake of ash gourd juice helps to balance the water level in the body. It increases the urine secretion thus helps to remove small urinary stones at initial stage of the problem.

Other advantages of Ash Gourd

Due to low count of red cells in blood causes anemia. Ash gourd is better food for anemic.

This controls high cholesterol by dilating blood vessels thus good for heart.

It also enhances the memory power.

In ayurvedic treatments,ash gourd is used in many ways. It is helpful for treating obesity,destroying intestinal worms and diabetics.

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    Your messages are really good to know. I have a concern, i will be glad to read your blog related to hair loss/ hair thinning/ prevention measures.

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  2. Yesterday evening, I was very hnurgy and wanted to have some soup.. So I did a quick short cut on the bottle gourd soup. I didn’t use any onions, garlic or ginger. Just tomatoes, spices and bottle gourd. After grinding it in a mixer, I didn’t even pass it through the sieve. As a result it was thick with a lot of fibre. It was off course different in taste from the original, but I like it this time as well! And it took hardly 10 minutes!


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