How to Lose Weight After Child Birth

It is quite normal and nature for women to gain weight after delivering a baby. This is because of some reasons that you still look like pregnant even after delivery. It is not so easy to lose weight suddenly after child birth. It will get at least 5 to 6 months or even 1 year to get back to your normal shape. Many women get disappointed as they thought of losing excess fat with in a short period of time. But you have to wait and should work out on this is the fact.

First reason for postnatal weight gain is the food. Many thought that intake of large quantity of food helps to regain the strength that lose during child birth and to overcome the weakness caused by it. But it is not so. It is very important that you should take care about your health since there is mother feeding and obviously you became weak during child birth.For that you should eat healthy and nutritious food. The food should be rich in nutrients not in quantity wise. Do not think of being in diet. Avoid oily food which has more cholesterol. Instead of adding sugar to your food items use honey. Sugar has no particular nutrient content in it. So intake of honey in place of sugar will low the calorific value. Have food with rich in fiber nutrient. This helps for easy digestion. Add more fruits and vegetables in your food. Vegetables like carrot,tomato increases the metabolism. And beetroot,citrus fruits,water melon helps to dissolve excess cholesterol in the body.

Another factor about post delivery is to lose the belly. This is because of water weight that causes bloating of the belly. But it gets dissolved without doing any particular exercises. Another thing is that the uterus takes time to get back to its normal size. Apart from these things there is belly fat which makes you look like pregnant. only thing you should do for this is to do some physical exercise and you should not be rested always. You can do some easy works at home. But in caesarian delivery you should take care about doing these things. With proper advice of a doctor you can manage your weight.

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