How To Design A Bedroom Interior

Bedroom is the place for where we relax our mind and body with deep sleep so we can start the next day pleasantly. Bedroom interior plays a vital role in keeping that pleasant mood. So we have to design the interior as we like and should be maintained cleanly.

Bedroom with proper cross ventilation

There should be more space in the bedroom. Do not dump it with too much of furniture. Arrange the cot,bureau,dressing table neatly. Avoid tall cot. If you wish to have a television in the bedroom,place it there. Otherwise do not place television in your bedroom because we have to get out of  the worries and stress of the outside world in the bedroom. It might get disturbed when a television is there.

Bedroom should be constructed in such a way that it is not easily approachable from the living room. So we can have a privacy. We should keep the cupboards and bureau somewhat inside. Model of the bedroom should be in a such a way that sunlight coming in so that there is no need for the lights during day time. We have to design the bedroom with proper cross ventilation, according to that we should place the windows.  so there will be free flow of fresh air inside the room. It is always good for our healthy life.

The main thing we have to take about the curtains. Cleanliness is must for the curtains. Otherwise it will create a bad mood if it is dirty. The color of the paint on the walls is also important to keep us pleasant. Many of us choose dark shades. But the light shades are best for ceilings and walls. It only gives renaissance to our mind. Split air conditioner is preferred to fix in the bedroom but it should not be fixed right above the head side. There is no need of decorative lights. Night lamp should be placed in such a way that it should not disturb our eyes. We have to choose light color night lamps as dark colors will disturb the sleep.

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