Foods To Improve The Health Of Women

Nowadays women are facing more health problems due to insufficient nutrition from their daily food. And also their food habits. It is important to have a good health to lead a smart life. For this our lifestyle plays the important role. We may face many health problems due to erratic lifestyle which includes food habit also. This causes stress if we face health problem regularly. Many of the women do not know that they can overcome many ailments with proper diet itself. There  are foods which improves immunity to diseases thus helps for better health. These foods are easily available in our day to day life. We are not having awareness of its medical value. That is why we are insisted to have fruits and vegetables in our daily food.

The main problem of today’s women is the menstrual disorder. It is not known to many women that food practice itself can helps for this. Vitamin E and calcium nutrient is essential for regular menstrual cycle. If these two are sufficient in the body,then irregular periods with heavy bleeding, pain can be controlled. So, it is advisable to take such type of foods rich in vitamin E and calcium.

It is better to be a vegetarian. Avoid foods with more fat. It is proven in the researches that women with vegetarian diet are having low risk of cancer than the non vegetarians. Particularly women are having high risk of breast cancer. So, it is necessary to have a proper,balanced diet from the teenage to protect from such risk.

Foods with essential nutrients

Spinach, the better known healthy food for women. The green leafy vegetable has all the essential contents in it.  Researches shown that spinach has even the property of protecting from the risk of cancer. It is advisable to have spinach in the daily food.

Protein and calcium nutrients are must for a woman to face the menopause. Soya, lab lab, whole beans,milk are the rich sources of protein. For calcium ragi (millet), sesame seeds can be taken. Folic acid is very important for the woman during her pregnancy period. It do not means that it should be taken during that period only. Apple and pear are rich in folic acid. And fruits like pomegranate, papaya are also should be taken regularly to get better results for the menstrual related problems.

Another main issue is infertility. Apart from other reasons, food habit also has its impact on this thing. Women with improper diet are highly facing this problem than others. Today’s women have more affinity towards fast food, chat items. These foods may tastes better. But it never helps for a better health. It can be taken once in a month or twice. Do not stick to these foods always.

Women has many roles in her lifetime. It is possible to do duty properly only when she is healthy. So eat healthy and be healthy.

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