Effects of Stress

Are you aware of the effects of stress on your body??. It causes worse effects and affects the entire health. In this competitive world we have to run fast to achieve things. But it creates stress in our mind. It is said that poor food habit has also impact on this.

Stress creates unusual feelings. It creates unnecessary negative thought sand hypothetical fear. And if one is having stress he/she is not sure about the things they are doing. They have low confidence and would underestimate their efficiency.

Stress differs from person to person depends upon the factors like age, their living atmosphere etc. So it can be generally of three types.

* Short term stress

* Mid Term Stress

* Long Term Stress

Short Term Stress

This type of stress lasts for short period only. For example when we rush to catch the bus or train, late to office or some other places depends upon the situation. This creates stress which lasts some minutes to one or two hours.

Mid Term Stress

This type of stress lasts up to few months. For example during exam times, expecting exam results, promotion in office etc. Even we are not aware about this type of stress. Because we are accustomed to that frequently.

Long Term Stress

This type of stress lasts even through our lifetime. When we loss some close relatives, if we have some chronic disease may cause this type of stress.

Effects of Stress

Stress causes worse effects on our health. Primarily it affects the blood vessels. Blood vessels are very important to our body since it transports blood throughout the body. These blood vessels are helpful for supplying energy throughout the body and also removal of wastes from the body. So once it gets affected, overall body functioning will be collapsed.

So, if there is stress, it makes the blood vessels to get shrunk. Because of this one cannot able to have sufficient amount of blood flow throughout the whole body. Automatically functioning of heart increases to get more blood flow for the whole body. Thus it leads to high blood pressure. Since there is more functioning of the heart and insufficient blood flow, there may be body tremor also.

It also affects the digestive system. This is due to insufficient blood flow to the stomach and intestines. Glands are not able to produce acids that helps for digestion. Since there is no complete digestion, the body cannot able to observe the energy from the food taken. This makes the body weak and also unnecessarily stimulates appetite. This causes food cravings particularly on sweet and carbohydrate rich foods.

Because of incomplete digestion, the remaining food stayed in the stomach becomes sour and cause gastric problem, bloating of stomach, constipation and also burning sensation in stomach and chest. These all effects are caused when a person is in stress. We should overcome this condition by regulating the blood vessels and makes it to work properly. Blood vessels should be relaxed to make the blood flow uniformly all over the body. This can be done even through proper food practice also.

Another essential thing one should follow to overcome the effects caused by stress is walking. Because when we walk briskly, blood vessels gets relaxed.This helps for proper blood flow all over the body. Brisk walking also helps for easy digestion. Toxins present in the body are removed through sweat, urination and stool.

So, proper food habit along with regular brisk walking results in good improvement for persons with stress.

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    really helped to have good uderstanding of stress in a very simple language,like to also hear from you about dementia and depression in present scenario

  2. The blog is simple to remember and understand.. Good to see only important factors were mentioned rather than paragraphs. Thank you to direct me to this blog. I have now bookmarked this for additional temple information and proper food habits guide..

  3. it is good for health the green vegetables are having full of energy and fit.it is good habit to eat papaya .we can more proteins and vitamins to every human being…


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