Dustmites And Health Issues

Sometimes you can see lot of dust formed in your house soon after you return from a vacation for a week or so. It is really surprising to see dust accumulated in a closed house.The first thing what you need to do is to cover your face either with a mask or cloth before you start to clean the surface. Sometimes you tend to ignore the dust formation at home which leads to health issues.

You know how? At times, you don’t give much importance to the dirt that gets accumulated in the dining table or the bed. You have the perception that these are just non- living organisms which are not. There are millions of micro organisms that are breeding in those dirt which are called as “Dustmites”. They breed either on our skin or food particles which can either lead to allergenic reactions like sneezing, throat problems, running nose, ear infections, eczema etc,. Prolonged exposure to such micro organisms can lead to asthma.

You can prevent the breeding of these “Dustmites” by keeping your house clean and maintaining the humidity within the limit of 45 and control the room temperature during rainy and summer seasons.Dustmites live mostly in our bedroom on the pillows and the bed. You need to ensure that you wash the bedspreads thoroughly in hot water once in a week. Use of vaccum cleaner can prevent dust formed in the air that you breathe. In situations when there is a need to live in a place where there is much pollution and dirt, it is better to wear a mask to your face.

The following are the symptoms of allergy due to “Dustmites” in your home.

* Sneezing in the morning

* Allergenic reactions when you stay at home rather than being outside…

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