Best Vegetable-Fruit Salad for Summer

Pineapple Vegetable Salad


Beetroot    – 1

Potato        – 1

Carrot        – 1

Beans        – 1

Pineapple (small size ) – 1

Fresh curd  – 1/2 cup

Salad cream  – 3/4 cup

Cherry fruit  – 6

Lettuce or cabbage  leaves – 6

Procedure to make Salad cream


Fresh curd  –  1/4 cup

Cream          –  100 gram

Ground sugar – 4 teaspoon

Mustard powder – 1/4 teaspoon

Mash the cream and mix well with curd. Then add sugar and mustard powder. Refrigerate the mix.

How to proceed

Cut the vegetables in to small pieces of square shape. Then boil it with salt to taste. Cut the pineapple in to pieces. Mix the salad cream with fresh curd thoroughly. Then add the vegetables and pineapple pieces. Mix it well. Spread the lettuce or cabbage leaves on a plate and then spread the salad. Garnish with cherry fruits. Make it chill by refrigeration and serve.

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