Benefits of Water Therapy

For them that wonder what is needed for a healthy body, those who favor Western Medicine, or those that simply want to try new developments should be aware that Water Therapy is a novel medical practice. When water therapy is practiced, the unwanted waste products in our body get excreted and our body gets cleaned easily. We must strive to clean our body. Those who follow the PanjakarmaChikitchai to expel bodily toxins could try water therapy as an alternative therapy as well as a natural therapy.

Benefits of Water Therapy

Cold Water or Hot Water, Which is best for Water Therapy

Only clean water is required for water therapy. Clean water should be protected well. Potable water should be filtered after being boiled, and should be left to cool. The water should not be neither hot nor cold, but tepid.

Many people have the habit of drinking hot water, but this is not advisable because our optimum body temperature is at 98.4 degree F. This is our stable temperature. But when we drink hot water, it raises our temperature further requiring our body to reduce its temperature to counter the increase. This is unnecessary. Also, hot water can facilitate our body movement, in particular our digestion which increases our gastric juices and acids. This expedites digestion. If the stomach is empty, this can cause flatulence.  Hence, drinking hot water is not advisable.

However, drinking hot coffee or tea does not affect it. Because its level is lower, that is, it is generally consumes only 2-3 times a day. These kinds of drinks contain dissolved foods to be digested, but water tends not to contain such dissolved foods. Likewise, drinking cold water is also not advisable. When drinking very cold water, it causes the same problem as hot water, in that, it reduces the body temperature. This requires the body to increase its temperature, and stabilize it at 98.4 degree F. Sometimes the body may not stabilize at this level and may continue to keep increasing its temperature. Apart from this, the digestive and acid-secreting organs may secrete excessively causing problems with digestion. Sometimes microbes spread through cold water, which is also unnecessary. It is advisable to avoid all these problems. In order to stabilize digestion, drinking tepid water is recommended. If you still want to drink cold or hot water, heating or cooling it by 5 degrees centigrade is recommended.

How to do Water Therapy

During water therapy, five glasses of water or 1 ¼ litres should be consumed upon waking up. 1250 ml of water should be consumed before engaging in any work in the morning. If you are unable to drink it all at once, you may drink it at intervals. This level of water should be consumed within 45 – 60 minutes. For those that are unable to drink it all at once, moving limbs according to walking gestures may help.

Those that are just starting out may follow the above water therapy three times a week. Then gradually after one or two weeks, may do it daily. You may feel the urge to urinate about three or four times within the hour of starting out. This will stabilize within one or two weeks.

Those that want to follow this by drinking water every morning should avoid drinking hot beverages like milk, coffee or tea before going to bed. Only then will water therapy be efficient. Drinking water like this cleans our blood, stabilizes our digestion, and will ensure efficient expulsion of waste products through effective maintenance of the pancreas, liver and kidneys. It will reduce appetite and stabilise body temperature. It will allow effective functioning of the body by expelling body wastes.

For those who exercise or walk in the morning, should do so after drinking water and attending calls of nature. This helps to stabilise body temperature. Doing so allows temperature to reduce after urinating, cooling the body. Those who suffer from gastric discomfort should follow this daily to heal everything from mouth ulcers to the cause.

Worldwide studies prove the effectiveness of water therapy. A recent study in Japan has found that water therapy helps the following illnesses – Headaches, High blood pressure, Overweight, Leg ache, Diabetes, Sinusitis, Runny nose, Asthma, Acid reflux, Flatulence, Constipation, Stomach upset, Irregular menstruation, Kidney problems, Male or female potency. For anyone who wants to help improve their health can truly benefit from following water therapy today.

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7 Responses to "Benefits of Water Therapy"

  1. I have been doing water therapy for the past 15 years. This has helped me in many ways, such as keeping slim, cleans the bowels, keeps the skin hydrated. I would suffer with headaches almost every day. This has stopped completely. I seldom suffer with a cold. I would advice everyone to start this to keep healthy.

  2. yes, water is a very precious thing in our life and its has many benefits to us as mentioned above. so after reading all these benefits i want to start water therapy from now onwards.


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