Benefits of Tender Coconut Water

Nutrients in coconut water

Tender coconut which is under 30 days old will yield 400-450 ml of coconut water. The sugars present in this can be easily digested by people of all ages. The protein present in coconut water is formed in a very simple manner. This not only helps growth but also repair damaged tissues in the body. It also contains the near necessary level of vitamin C needed daily for an average human.

But also contains substances like sodium, sulphur, potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron, copper, phosphorous and chlorine as well as other elementary salts in adequate amounts. It also contains niacin, pantothenic acid, biotin, riboflavin boric acid and thiamine which are found in the vitamin B group.

Tender coconuts contain various enzymes which helps digestion. A cup of coconut water only contains around 46 calories. The edible white layer in tender coconuts contain ample amounts of fats and sugars. A recent study said that the level of salts in coconut water matched that of our blood. Hence, it is also known as the water of life.

Benefits of Tender Coconut Water

Medicinal uses of Coconut Water

It can also be a sweet medicine to help various diseases.

Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)

UTI is one of the primary infections caused in the human urinal organs.

The disease, which is caused by the effect of the viruses present in the kidneys,  gets frequently remedied by doctors who prescribe the intake of coconut water.


Coconut water helps divide urine and helps those who suffer from kidney problems. Doctors often prescribe coconut water for people who suffer from certain kidney diseases.

A tonic for children

Giving coconut water mixed with lemon juice and a little honey is considered a natural tonic for children.

To remove parasites

In order to remove parasites in the gut, consuming unripen, tender coconut can be a medicine.

Liver disease

Coconut water can act as a natural remedy and helps in aiding sufferers from jaundice, kidney stones and associated illnesses.


During exercise or when engaging in strenuous training for athletics, our body loses a lot of water and salts in the process. Coconut water can act like a natural energy drink in replacing the lost water and electrolytes. Hence, it is used as a natural drink for athletes. Hence, it is also called a natural sports drink.


Consuming tender coconut with coconut water can aid indigestion, upset stomach and flatulence.

Curbing cholera

The diarrhoea caused during cholera can seriously deprive the body of its essential salts and water. In order to compensate for this loss, a teaspoon of coconut water can be mixed with newly squeezed lemon juice can be given to the sufferer frequently. This can help curb the loss of salts during cholera.

Emergency glucose

Coconut water is produced naturally and is protected from pollution in the hard coconut shell. It also contains various minerals, salts and sugar needed for the body. Hence, sometimes when there is a shortage of bottled glucose, it can be injected intravenously to stabilise dehydration.

It may be unsuitable

People suffering from kidney failure should refrain from the intake of coconut water because it contains a lot of potassium which is an unsuitable mineral for those suffering from kidney failure.

That being said, this can be a sweet, natural and nutritious alternative to the many novel and artificial drinks that are being sold in many colours. We should consume this natural drink to fortify our hydration and nutrient needs. It is a sweet gift of nature.

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  1. ya it’s realy very much healty……………… n tastey also……… that anyone can buy and get it’s benifits and nutrients easily……………!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. yeppy!we hv atleast something 2 cherish in dis summer having a drink enriched of proteins and keep us fit n healthy…so y choose something else……..

  3. exactly tender coconet is very healthy diet to follow , so that girls who care their skin and hair they can try coconut water . it makes ur skin glowing and smooth becouse of all necessary contains in it. and good for rest of all………….


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