Benefits Of Papaya

Origin of papaya is Hawai Islands, America and West Indian Islands. Papaya is not a seasonal fruit. It is obtainable throughout the year. It is available in fair price with high nutritional benefits.This fruit is rich in vitamin A and carotene. It has low calorific value. Papaya contains Papain which helps in digestion. In western countries people used to take papaya along with meat for proper digestion of the food.

Medicinal Properties Of Papaya

Papaya has calcium,phosphorus and iron contents in it. Papaya is a good medicine for intestinal worms. The medicinal values in papaya destroys the intestinal worms completely. Papaya seeds are good for liver diseases. Papaya juice is also good for sore throat, tonsils. It is better to have papaya daily for constipation and piles problem. Eating papaya once in a  week helps to avoid stomach disorders thus improves the bowel movement. Avoiding intake of other foods on that day will helps to cure stomach disorders. Diabetic patients can also consume papaya since it has no carbohydrates.

Other Health Benefits Of  Papaya

  • Papaya skin is used to heal the skin wounds.
  • Papaya also acts as anti – inflammatory and anti – cancerous.
  • It is good for menstrual disorders.
  • Papaya improves the immune system.
  • It is also a good dietary fruit for those who wants to reduce weight.
  • Papaya fruit also has the quality of removing dead cells from the skin thus premature ageing can be controlled.
  • It is rich in Vitamin thus helps for better eyesight.

So if you wants to be healthy eat papaya daily. The whole fruit has the benefits and nutritional value. Eating papaya regularly results in good health. So love to eat papaya.

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  1. Kapaleeswaran. G. · Edit

    Till today I am taking papaya, Ash gourd, etc without knowing the actual benefits and now by seeing your information through net I came to know it. Really the information is very useful in day-to-day life to take healthy food with vegetables. Thanking you for the information.


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