Benefits of Okra

In today’s civilized world, the use of vegetables has become rare. The reason is that it is because the time allocated for cooking has been reduced. As we eat the novel food products that are sold, we get diseases at no additional cost.

We can revitalise our health by spending on inexpensive vegetables rather than on expensive treatments. But for that to be possible, we must first familiarise ourselves with the benefits of vegetables.

Let us learn of the benefits of okra, one of the vegetables that nature has gifted us.

Benefits of Okra

Okra is a type of crop that is planted in the tropical and temperate zones. The leaves can be seen to split and flowering fairly large off-yellow flowers. The vegetables themselves are shaft-like, tapered at one end. The light green seeds can be found inside the vegetables.

The young okra has the full spectrum of nutrients. Hence, one should always pinch the tapered end before buying to check its age.

Parts with medicinal benefits of Okra

The leaves, vegetables and seeds all contain medicinal benefits.

Nutrient content

Vitamins – A, B, C

Magnesium – 42 mg

Potassium – 290 mg

Sodium – 45 mg

Iron – 1.5 mg

Pectin – 1.2 mg

Calcium – 0.09 mg

Phosphorous – 0.07 mg

Common uses of Okra

This is a very nutrient-rich vegetable. It can either be eaten raw, in a stir-fry or cooked in a sauce or curry as a part of the daily diet to benefit from it.

  • Okra is associated with cold. Hence, it will reduce body temperature by increasing urine productions.
  • It can expedite digestion.
  • Those that often suffer from constipation can benefit from okra which can loosen stools.
  • It can be useful in helping reduce the temperature in the gut.
  • It can also reduce the temperature of the brain, and consequently help with headaches.
  • One of the causes of halitosis can be stomach ulcers. Frequent intake of okra can help alleviate both halitosis and stomach ulcers.
  • Consuming a soup of okra with a little cumin can help cure Catarrhal Enteritis.

Methods and cures

Some avoid okra because they are slimy. However, if one considers the nutrients in okra and the illnesses it can help alleviate, it may become an indispensible part of your diet.

To stabilise heartbeat

The magnesium that is present in okra may help stabilise irregular heartbeat. Hence, those with a weak heart or palpitation of hear should frequently consume okra which will alleviate palpitation and strengthen the heart.

To reduce fat

There are many who suffer from high cholesterol due to increased intake of meat. The fibre called pectin present in okra helps reduce cholesterol. When okra is consumed in curries or soup, the unwanted fats in the body will dilute and be excreted.

Ulcers and abscesses

Ground tender okra and leaves should be tied in muslin cloth and placed over the affected areas helps the healing process.

Increase memory power

Because okra contains nutrients that strengthen the brain, children and people with memory loss should consume okra daily in any form to increase memory power. It also helps sustain memory power.

Burning sensation during urination

Add sugar and water as needed  to extract the juice which will alleviate the burning sensation during urination and also helps with coughs.

To alleviate nerve pain

Some people may suffer from pain or burning sensation in their nerves. When okra is made into juice with a little sugar and consumed everyday on an empty stomach for a month may experience relief from this malady.

Okra may be consumed by people of all ages, we must endeavor to include this in our diet to fully benefit from it.

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  1. Hai,

    I read your website which you have sent to me. Its really very useful for a healthy life. I really thank you for giving me this opportunity to know such good things which are helpful for our life.

    A.Anitha Arulraj.

  2. I agree to all the benefits this novel fruits contribute to our health. This is actually one of my favorite vegetables. I cook them in different interesting recipes. I love okra.

  3. okra nutrition · Edit

    Okra is a popular vegetable of the housewives. The interesting thing is that it contains more nutrients

    for good health, such as fiber, mucilage, vitamin A, vitamin B6, vitamin C, niacin, calcium, potassium,

    magnesium, folic acid, iron.Very good for health.

  4. Kapaleeswaran. G. · Edit

    Really the information provided by you is not only informationve but also educative to liberates who do not have opportunity to learn the medicinal values of vegetable “okra”. I always remain thankful to you.


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