AUM Chanting and its Benefits

Can you pronounce some word without using your tongue? A U M is the three different word can be pronounced without using our tongue.  This AUM is called as Pranava Mantra. Now-a-days in most of the vedic chants AUM is pronounced as OM. But it is not correct pronunciation. A U M is the correct pronunciation. In some places this OM chanting is called as OMKAR chanting. OM or AUM is the most important and significant word of Mantra tradition. It is considered as the root mantra in all vedas. All other words we are speaking are mixture of this basic three words AUM.  AUM is a typical combination of words which affects the surrounding and human beings through the vibrations. AUM should to be chanted for enormous number of times to get the results. We can get many health benefits by chanting this AUM. AUM chanting is prescribed as a corner stone in any yoga therapy program due to its outstanding healing benefits.

AUM Chanting

How to do AUM chanting

Aum is a universal mantra for all people and one not need the initiation of a master or guru to reap it’s endless benefits. Sit comfortably either in Padmasana or Artha Siddhasana or Sukhasana. Place your hands upon your thighs, and palm’s facing upwards. Hold Yoga Mudra in both hands and eyes should be closed. Inhale slowly through your nose, once your lungs is full exhale from your mouth by pronouncing AUM until your full breath come out from the lungs. All three word chanting should be approximately equal in time. While chanting Aaaaaa focus vibration one inch below your navel. It is the Manipura Chakra, one of the seven chakra in human body. When you chant Uuuuuu focus vibration in chest area. It is the Anahata Chakra. After that close you mouth and chant Mmmmmm. When chanting focus vibration in your throat and nose.  Similarly continue deep inhalation by nose and exhalation through mouth with chanting AUM. For better health benefit this chanting to be done 15 minutes in morning and 15 minutes  in evening.

yoga mudra
Yoga Mudra

Benefits of AUM Chanting

  • AUM chanting is a potent tonic which increases the efficiency of the human organism in a profound manner.
  • By chanting this word OM or AUM one can achieve ultimate self-realization.
  • The repetiton of Aum leads to excellent mental and physical health.
  • This chant helps to improves the production of endorphin so making you fell relaxed and refreshed every time.
  • It has positive effect for cardiac vascular health lowering blood pressure and increasing efficiency of all the cells and organs in the body.
  • In essence AUM relaxes and rejuvenates the mind increasing concentration and memory therefore the ability to learn.
  • It helps in Cleansing the mind.Controlling the emotions.
  • It relives the stress levels by supplying more oxygen to the body. So you get relive from stress related headaches.

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28 Responses to "AUM Chanting and its Benefits"

  1. In most of the vedic chants this word is pronounced as OM. How you are telling it is AUM. You article is good and informative.

    1. AUM is the only word/sound which doesn’t use toungue for prononciation. Also Aum felt as The sound of universe.

    1. It is not name. It is beginning of this universe, chant OM daily and you get benefits through out your life. Don’t feel shy of it. It’s absolutely free, no money.

    2. In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. He was in the beginning with God. All things were made through him, and without him was not any thing made that was made. (from Bible)
      AUM is universal Sound / Word – it was from beginning, and the Word is God.
      AUM is very beneficial for human being.

  2. it is the basic duty of every human being to chant OM -AUM.. to get relaxed with the universe who has created it !! i have experienced it and experiencing ! can not explain in words OM OM OM OM OM

  3. hi,

    i have heard girls should not chant om since there can be health issues due to vibration created by om.

    thank you


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