An Introduction to Yoga

Yoga is a gift given by our ancestors to us to protect from diseases and live a long life. We all heard about Yoga but there is no great awareness or a clear explanation about what is Yoga. Yoga is a wonderful art of  our country. It is a sanskrit word which means ‘to unite’. Through Yoga we can able to unite our body and mind. By uniting we can get an excellent energy.

We all know that ‘Health is Wealth’. So to do our duty properly we should have a healthy body and mind. Yoga is very helpful for this. It leads us to a healthy lifestyle. That is why our ancestors gave all this through some arts like yogasans, pranayama (breath exercise) , meditation.

Many of us are having confusion that Yoga and physical exercise are same. But it is not so. Physical exercise is that it gives strength only to nerves and muscles. We have to strain our body in doing physical exercise. But through Yoga we can able to get energy to our body, mind and soul. There is a general thought about Yoga is that it is difficult to do yogasanas because we have to bend our body and it is painful. But it is not the fact.

There are energy centers in our body which are called  ‘chakras’. Only through this ‘chakras’ we are able to absorb energy  to our body. When we do Yoga this chakras are induced. So our body get renaissance and the diseases can also be cured.

By practicing Yoga all our internal organs are activated and rejuvenated.

Yoga is scientifically proven art.

It enhances the quality of our lifestyle.

It makes our life blissful.

So it is recommended to practice Yoga regularly. But it should be done in appropriate manner. We cannot do it by just watching television programs and reading some yoga related magazines. It will cause harmful effects. So have a trained teacher and learn properly.

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